how do i get/buy a German drivers license online

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Obtaining a driving license.

        The German driving license can be obtained after finishing driving school and passing a two-stage test, the theory test, and the road test. Before being allowed to take these tests an eye exam must have been performed and a first-aid course (usually lasts 8 hours) completed. if you don’t have time for all this and knows how to drivers then click here and buy a german driver’s license now within 72 hours. WhatsApp +16268985592 for more info.

Buy German Driving License Online
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How To Apply For A German Driving License

  • Driving is practically a German national pastime.

With the Germans’ love of cars, the automotive industry pedigree, and the amazing driving opportunities offered by the unrestricted Autobahns (at least the ones which aren‘t clogged with traffic or construction zones!), it’s no surprise. more info here

So if you’ve recently moved to Germany, getting a driver’s license could well be a top priority.

  • But how is this done?

Can your driving licence from home qualify you to drive in Germany?

Well, it depends. We’ll look at the steps required to get yourself legally behind the wheel, regardless of where your license was issued.

Want a German driving license?

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  1. Get behind the wheel with our guide on how to get a German driving license.

The rules for getting a German driver’s license vary greatly depending on where you come from, with even individual US states having different agreements with Germany.

Getting a German driving license can be tricky for ex-pats, but Jeff and Karen Smith had done their homework, and they were on top of it. Follow their advice in this guide and find out how you can get your own German driving license.

Introduction to getting a German driving license

Jeff and Karen knew their Michigan licenses were only valid in Germany for six months, giving them that long to exchange them for their Führerschein, so they went about taking care of business soon after they arrived.

But things didn’t quite go as planned. To start, the first aid classes they were told they’d need to take in order to exchange licenses weren’t offered until near the end of their six-month window. That was okay – they could finish them and the rest of the paperwork before the deadline. And the required eye exams took five minutes. So far, so good.

Until they tried to apply for the licenses. One office sent them here, another there. Two weeks, a dozen trips to half-a-dozen offices, and a couple of hundred euro later, they still hadn’t got their Führerschein, the first aid courses turned out to be unnecessary, and their Michigan licenses, mailed between offices, went missing.

Speaking of the Führerschein fiasco, Karen puts it mildly: “I had no idea it could be this hard.”

Well, it doesn’t have to be. I live in Baden-Württemberg, and to trade my Colorado license for a Führerschein all it took was €35 and two trips (one to apply, the other to pick up my new license) to the Bürgeramt.

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